Creating world best health care centers


In the past 11 years ADMC has pioneered the role of CSR initiatives in both Africa and the Middle East, considering them a vital and integral part of our work and company ethic.

ADMC is a member and consultant for MVO Nederland, a semi-public organization promoting implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility. It also has responsibility for certifying companies that have quality CSR standards and regulations. Through our consultancy role ADMC has developed many successful projects according to these standards, by introducing Dutch companies to new markets and opportunities in Africa and the Middle East.

To reinforce our commitment to the communities we work in, ADMC centres have also implemented a policy of handling 20% of our cases without cost. This will be carried forward, along with our affiliation with MVO Nederland, to be major facet of our ongoing CSR work.

The guiding principles of accountability, fairness, transparency and responsibility in the way we interact in our work are reflected by the structure within our organization. Our Board of Directors is fully engaged in the managerial process, providing valuable insight and support to the management team.

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