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Franchise process

When planning to set-up your new franchise, we have the hands-on skills to make sure the franchise process goes as smoothly as possible. We offer our assistance in liaising with potential funders and/or investors. We can guide franchise partners in setting up a comprehensive project, concept and plan according to comprehensive research. Furthermore, we can manage every aspect of the procurement including ordering, delivery and setting up of equipment. We can provide the most advanced software and hardware through our partners and suppliers. The overall steps through the franchise process of setting up your own franchise are as follows:

1. Questionnaire
2. Canvas and Plan/ gap analysis
3. Feasibility study
4. Agreement
5. Delivery of the concept and manual
6. Interior design and architect, start hiring staff
7. hardware (equipment) and software (internal systems, EPR, CRM), Training
8. Soft opening
9. Final operation (Progress calls)
10. Ongoing follow up

The questionnaire will provide both parties with insights into the possibilities of a future partnership. It will determine whether you are the right fit for ADMC and whether you feel you want to start a partnership with ADMC. After the questionnaire phase it is time to analyse your franchise plan. This includes a feasibility study of the business plan and gap analysis to determine what still needs to be achieved in order to implement the plan. After agreeing upon the franchise terms, the actual planning will start. The concept and manual will be delivered. You can find a location for your centre and hire staff. The ADMC corporate identity will be incorporated into the design of your health centre. After all hardware and software is installed and training is completed, it will be ready for the soft opening.

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